Are you struggling to grow your glutes, doing all the right exercises but don’t feel you are getting anywhere? I have been feeling like this recently so I am adding some glute activation exercises into both my leg and> glute workouts to help me focus on this area a little bit more. Ever heard the term Use it or Lose it, well this applies to our glutes, even though you may train them once or even twice a week if you sit at a desk for the rest of the day you are not using your glutes and> they remain inactive! There are some great reasons to make sure you get your glutes firing not just to get that perfect bum but to help reduce injury and> lower back problems. Plus strong glutes will also help with your lifts, meaning you may get better PB’s on your squats and> deadlifts, another plus.

So add these 3 exercises into your leg day warm up and> get those glutes firing:

1. Glute Bridge: Lying on your lower back with your knees bent and> feet flat on the floor, keep your core engaged and> drive your heels into the floor whilst squeezing your glutes push your hips up to the ceiling, hold for a second whilst focusing on squeezing your bum cheeks together. Lower and> repeat for around 10 reps.

2. Clam: While lying on your side, with both knees bent. Keep your feet and> ankles together, and> slowly open the knees like a clam, keep the movement slow and> controlled and> ensure you use your glutes to perform this movement. Try placing your hand> on your gluteus medius, which is located just below and> behind your hip and> you should feel it working as you perform this exercise.

3. Band> Walks: For the final exercise you will need a small resistance band> to perform some band> walks. Place the resistance band> just below your knees. Begin stand>ing with your feet slightly wider than hip width, and> squat about halfway down. Take a small step sideways, and> then take a small step with the other leg to return to the squat position, continue this whilst moving to the side for around 10 steps and> then repeat on the other side.

Repeat each exercises 3 times and> then crack on with your leg workout!

Look out for my YouTube video coming next week all about my favourite Glute Exercises!!  Let’s get that peachy bum we’ve always dreamed of ?