In most cases aesthetics are the reason we train, yes we enjoy it, yes we want to be strong, healthy and> fit but ask almost anyone in the gym and> how they look is likely to rank highly amongst their reasons to train. Our main goal therefore is usually to build muscle whilst reducing body fat. Whilst weight Training alone can produce these results, adding in some cardio can help. I appreciate that time can be an issue with this, ideally we would all train twice a day cardio in the morning and> weights in the evening but lets be honest this is not feasible for most of us! So here are three ways you can add cardio into your schedule without having to train twice a day, or for hours at a time!

1. Add a bit of cardio in between Sets! If you rest for an average of 2 minutes between sets, in a 60 minute work out you may be wasting around 30 minutes of time! Use this to squeeze in some cardio – pick a high intensity exercise and> perform that in these rest breaks! Burpees, Star Jumps, High Knees are 3 no equipment options or what about grabbing a skipping rope and> adding 30 seconds of skipping into these rest breaks? No more wasted time!

2. HIIT! If your reduce your rest slightly between sets, so as abouve if you rest for 2 minutes try reducing this down to 1 minute. Working on the principle above, you may have an extra 10-15 minutes at the end of your workout for some HIIT! You can use the equipment in the gym, rower, bike, treadmill and> go all out for 30 seconds and> rest for 30 seconds, repeat 10 to 15 times at the end of your workout. Cardio Done!

3. Spare Time! If you want to add some longer lower intensity cardio into your routine, think of the spare time you have throughout your day and> try using some of this for some additional cardio. You could you go for a walk on lunch or add a longer run into your weekends? Do you sit in front of the TV every night, could you grab your partner and> friend and> head out for a walk one night a week? It doesn’t have to take long and> if you do it with a friend it could be fun!

I hope this helps you feel like you can add some cardio into your routine, let me know if you do cardio along with your weight training and> what do you do?