You don’t have to go far these days to see the Green lusciousness of Matcha, it is growing in popularity here in the UK and> Matcha Lattes are becoming all the rage in health food shops and> cafes!

BUT what is it? You may have seen my previous post on Matcha Magic, after trying some at BE: FIT last year, but for a quick recap, Matcha is a concentrated green tea. It has been around for quite a long time, traditionally used in Eastern Countries for its health benefits. Matcha offers similar health benefits to traditional green tea but it packs more of a punch. One serving is the equivalent of 10 cups of regular Green Tea. This is because it is ground to powder, so you consume the whole leaf -getting all the goodness and> throwing nothing away.

I was recently sent some Matcha Powder to try from a company called UP YOUR MATCHA, check out their website HERE! They sell 100% organic matcha, which is not only European organic certified, but also Japanese organic certified, so you know you are getting the real deal. It is also gluten-free, vegan friendly and> dairy free! Their mission is to help us all realise our Super Hero potential!

Matcha is a versatile ingredient there are so many ways you can add it into your diet so if you are not a green tea fan – Matcha may be a good substitute. You can add it to smoothies, porridge, cakes or even savoury dishes such as pasta or stir fries. As part of my collaboration with Up Your Matcha I have come up with ways you can add Matcha into your life, so look out for some fun recipes on my social media/blog over the next few weeks! 

If you would like to try their Matcha for yourself you can use my discount code Ode2fitness10 to get 10% off  – So as the guys at UP YOUR MATCHA would say – PUT ON YOUR CAPE, PULL UP YOUR OUTER PANTS AND UP YOUR MATCHA FOR THE START OF YOUR SUPER HUMAN LIFE!!