OK I’m not talking about alcohol here, we all know alcohol is a bit of a devil when it comes to weight loss but more what you drink daily and> how that could be affecting your weight loss. We all know that fizzy drinks are full of sugar and> we shouldn’t be drinking them but how many of us replace them with their “diet” versions in a bid to save calories. Only one calorie hmm it must be OK? Wrong!

Diet versions of our favourite fizzy drinks are packed full of artificial sweeteners and> chemicals that may not only be harmful to our bodies, but may actually be detrimental to our weight loss efforts! The sweeteners in diet drinks can actually trick the body into fat storage mode. When we eat a high sugar food our body is designed to expect a hit of calories, when it doesn’t get this our bodies can believe their systems aren’t working properly hence the fat storage mode, leading to weight gain not weight loss. There may also be psychological reasons behind why drinking diet drinks lead to weight gain, ever think to yourself well I saved calories there so I can eat that chocolate biscuit? I know I have done this in the past, and> there again you are sabotaging your own efforts!

Fizzy drinks diet or otherwise have absolutely no nutritional value, my suggestion is to stick with plain old water! Our bodies need water so replacing it with diet drinks is a negative thing. If you find drinking water boring, try making your own flavoured water at home. Cucumber water is one of my favourites as it is so refreshing, but adding any fruit to your water can give it flavour and> make it more interesting. Lemon & Lime, Blueberry, Strawberry – whatever you like! I just add the fruit to my water but you can buy funky bottles that prevent you from getting bits in your water, and> compress the fruit so you can add it to smoothies or other recipes later. If it is the fizz you miss, try sparkling water again you can add flavours to it to make it more interesting!

Let me know if you give flavoured water a try, or if you already enjoy it, let me know what our your favourite choices?