I have finally jumped on board the NutriBullet band>wagon! I have to admit that although I’ve wanted a bullet for a while, the cost of them was a stumbling block for me. I am currently saving for a wedding and> wasn’t sure how much better than my trusty hand> blender they could actually be! How wrong was I!!!

For years I have just used a cheap hand> blender to make my smoothies, I do have a juicer but it takes up a lot of space and> is so hard to clean – 2 issues that don’t come up at all with the Nutri Bullet! It fits perfectly into my small kitchen (City Centre living!) and> takes up minimal work space. I have to admit they are very smart looking, and> it looks a lot sleeker in my kitchen than that old hand> blender I mentioned! It is also amazingly easy to clean, the blender attachment comes off and> takes seconds to clean, and> the cups are dishwasher safe but again easy to clean in a bowl of soapy water! 

Now I have a NutriBullet I could probably justify paying full price, but I did manage to bag a bit of a bargain with mine. They are currently on sale for around £80, and> as a say it is worth the investment if you love to make smoothies at home! I have only had mine for a couple of weeks, and> I already love it, despite only trying a few recipes. As well as making a few smoothies I’ve also used it to ground almonds. It comes with a milling blade as well as the blending attachment and> this also worked perfectly. 

For stand>ard fruit smoothies my hand> blender did a great job for the price, but with the ability to add nuts and> seeds I can’t wait to get more creative with my smoothies and> really test out the NutriBullet!! 

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