So it’s the new year -You’ve spent the last week or so trying to get into a new health & fitness regime, maybe your slogging away on the treadmill or trying to throw some weights around the gym!! BUT are you enjoying it? One of the main reasons we fail at new exercise regimes is that we do what we “perceive” to be the perfect exercise but if you hate it you’ll never stick at it!!

The biggest piece of advice I can give to any new exerciser well other than start slowly, is find something you love doing! 

Yes resistance training is great, and> has amazing benefits but if you hate being in the gym don’t go! There are so many different types of exercise, you should never have to do something you hate! Experiment, try something new – find your favourites and> do those!!

It may be that you love running, get yourself some decent running trainers and> start racking up the miles! Maybe sign up for a race, or if you are just starting out try the Couch to 5k app! Hate running, have you tried swimming or cycling – both great alternatives! Don’t like cycling outdoors or the weather isn’t great, find a spin class! 

What about yoga? Find a class and> give it a go, I love yoga and> it has so many benefits!

Did you love to dance as a child, or even an adult, what not try a dance based fitness class like Zumba, or salsa classes maybe? You can even do adult ballet or tap classes, you may be able to relive your youth!!

If you don’t have time for classes or the gym, what about exercise DVDs or at home workouts, there is so much you can do at home and> it can be really time efficient!

If you do want to become a gym bunny but don’t know where to start, hire a personal trainer or get yourself a personalised training plan (contact me for details) and> you may discover that you love the gym!

What is your favourite type of exercise? Let’s share some ideas and> get everyone moving!!