So this is my final post of 2015! Over Christmas I will be doing a round up of my favourite blog posts in a 12 Days of Fitness extravaganza! From 25th December over on my social media channels they’ll be a new post everyday – so if you don’t follow me you should be doing:

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So for my final post I wanted to look back over 2015 and> what I have achieved, what I missed out on and> what I have learnt about myself and> fitness.  So back at the start of the year these were my fitness goals:

Full Triathlon
Tough Mudder
Squat my bodyweight
Complete one full pull up
Complete a 10km race in under one hour
Complete one mile front crawl in open water

What did I achieve – well none of them to be honest!  A wrote a review half way through the year on this, you can read it here!  I readjusted my goals at this point, but over the year all my goals changed after I got engaged and> booked my wedding.  I lost focus with my training, all the celebrating and> summer fun got in the way, and> I ended up with next to no motivation for the gym or exercise.  I wanted to get back to enjoying training, and> feeling in control so all my goals went out of the window and> I purchased a personalised plan to get myself back on track.

This plan has helped me so much, and> I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the past few months.  Yes I’ve lost weight/inches and> toned up but I think my mental ability to keep going has what has shocked me the most.  I won’t go in to details as there is a recent post all about it here. But it showed me that I can enjoy the journey and> making progress, and> that although goals are important so are so many other things in life. I love exercise, training and> eating well but I also love socialising and> spending time with my family & friends – life is too short to miss out on these things. 

I am ending the year in such a good place, that I don’t feel guilty that I didn’t reach the goals I set at the start of the year – life got in the way and> things change. I think this quote sums it up perfectly so I’m going to leave it there for this year!
Wishing you a healthy & happy 2016!