Last weekend I went to my first fitness blogger event, a girls only event hosted by Myprotein.  It was a great afternoon, and> lovely to be surrounded by like minded people with a passion for fitness and> blogging.   On arrival we chatted and> made some introductions over a yummy Salted Caramel protein shake.  (I love all things Salted Caramel, so will definitely be getting myself some more of this from the Myprotein site).  Then followed the HIIT workout, led by the lovely Myprotein Ambassador Victoria Spence,  It was a tough session, and> Vic really put us through our paces but it made me feel a little less guilty about indulging in all the yummy samples.

After a quick freshen up, we moved onto a Q&A with Vic, and> she spoke open and> honestly about her background, fitness and> competition prep.  It was great to get an insight into the life of a bikini competitor – I don’t think it’s for me! The Q&A led to a general discussion between us all on our fitness struggles and> issues.  We all shared our experiences and> feelings on the fitness industry and> expectations of what women should look like, how we should train and> the whole strong vs skinny debate.  It was so nice to hear that other people have similar issues, we spoke at length about body image and> learning to love ourselves.

During the Q&A we were treated to some lovely snacks from myprotein, including cookies, protein bars, and> my personal favourite, chocolate protein clusters – which are like mini rice crispie cakes! Yum!  Myprotein have a massive range of protein goodies, at reasonable prices, I can’t wait to stock up.  We were also shown how the products can be used in baking with some lovely cakes made by Hebe,

I was also impressed with the myprotein sports clothing range, worn by the hosts, and> am looking forward to trying some of it out in the future.  It looks really stylish, and> seemed to fit well.  Hopefully I’ll be able to fill you in more of their clothing in the future, but from seeing it on the girls it looks fab!

We ended the day with lots of group photos, and> received a goodie bag each with a protein shaker and> yet more yummy snacks! A successful event all round!

I want to say a massive thank you to all the guys from myprotein, in particular Sarah (aka SquatBot ) It was great to attend something like this in Manchester, and> meet some fellow fitness bloggers.  Bring on the next one!!