Just a brief post today to clear up an issue I hear a lot about!

I get a lot of my clients asking about this and> they get upset when they don’t see the scales budge, even though they put in the work at the gym.  The usual sentence that comes out is well muscle weighs more than fat so I’m just building muscle, whilst the second part of that sentence may be true the first part is totally wrong!

So I wanted to clear this up for everyone, muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat – 5 pounds of fat weighs 5 pounds, and> guess what 5 pounds of muscle weighs 5 pounds – the difference is the size or density! Take a look at this image………………..

Make more sense? Muscle is going to take up less space so that’s why we may be smaller but the scales are staying the same! So don’t get upset over the lack of weight loss on the scales – My recommendation would be to take measurements, and> track these as well.  Yes weight is important but we need to realise that it is not the be all and> end all – shift your focus! Look at measurements, before and> after photos and> enjoy seeing results in a different way!