I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had taken the decision to invest in myself and> purchase a tailored nutrition and> training programme. I have been doing the programme for the past few weeks so I wanted to fill you in on my progress.

I was so excited when I received the programme from Becca https://instagram.com/be_x_fit/ and> loved the look of it all. But I definitely had some feelings of apprehension and> a little bit of fear! I really wanted some more focus, and> to see what I could achieve with some determination and> a lot more dedication. This plan however was totally different than anything I had ever done before. The training excited me, although it did mean being a lot more dedicated. 5 days a week religiously and> sessions containing a mixture of weights and> cardio, timed around my meals.  It also meant being super strict with my nutrition.  One “off plan” meal a week only.  This is something I have tried to implement before but it has never happened so was a bit worried about this! However I am so determined to make it work, this will have to be factored in. I was to become the Tupperware Queen!

So how have I actually got on…………………………………..

Week One – The first week went better than I expected to be honest. Training was tough,bafter my first leg day I could barely walk. The soreness lasted nearly all week, aided only a little bit by an Epsom salts bath!! It was a little bit difficult getting to grips with the exercises and> the training sessions were a lot longer than I would usually do. Some lasted around 1.5 hours, inspite of all this I felt good. Having a programme and> direction was a real help. Nutrition wise, I was sceptical about some of the meals. Egg whites & oats, tuna & avocado for example! But excited about others, protein pancakes! Yum! However I found I enjoyed most of the meals, and> they improved as the week went on! I had my first test on my first day,  I’d arranged to go round to a friends for dinner! I went armed with my Tupperware and> passed with flying colours!! A quiet weekend meant I enjoyed an off plan meal on the Saturday evening, which for me is the best time. I tried not to go too mad, I didn’t want to undo all my hard work but it felt good to eat something different.

Roll on week Two!

Now this is where it started to get tough! I think I enjoyed the first week more because it was all new and> the second week it started to feel a little bit more like routine. I was a little bit bored food wise & was feeling a lot hungrier. Tiredness has also been a real issue, I can barely keep myself awake come 8pm and> am going to bed super early! I’m hoping this is just a phase and> I’ll be able to cope more as the weeks go on. This week my sweet tooth also kicked in, and> my evening glass of sugar free squash just isn’t quite cutting it!! But I’ve stuck to it, and> did enjoy a little sweet treat after my off plan meal. Which this week was a little naughtier – NANDOS!! On the other side the training has become slightly easier. I think this is because I know what I’m doing and> can navigate my way through the workouts better.  It is however mentally draining training 5 times a week, I work in a gym and> having to go in on my days off is not fun!

End of Week Two was progress update time and> I have to admit I was really chuffed to see my hard work has paid off! Only 2 weeks in and> I can see a remarkable difference.  My weight is down, as are my measurements but I think the progress photos really showed me what I have achieved so far!

This spurred me on to keep going, and> I’m proud of my dedication over the past couple of weeks! The first few weeks haven’t been easy but I am excited to see what the next 3 weeks has in store and> to keep seeing results.