Staying with my posts of my favourite exercises for certain body parts, I wanted to focus on shoulders today.  I think a good pair of shoulders look amazing in strapless dresses and> are a great area to work on.  Here are my favourite exercises to get a good shoulder workout:

Shoulder Press:  First up is the press, and> I definitely think this should be in everyone’s shoulder routine.  It can be done seated, stand>ing, with dumbbells or a barbell. There are so many options but lets start with the basic, barbell press. To start stand> with your legs shoulder width apart, back straight and> core engaged. Hold a barbell, shoulder width apart just in front of chest.  Extend arms overhead, arms close to ears – palms facing forward.  Pause then lower.

Front Raises:  These are another good shoulder exercise,  I would recommend you start with dumbbells. Stand> with a straight torso and> the dumbbells in front of your thighs at arms length with palms facing your thighs. Keep the torso stationary lift both dumbbells with a slight bend in the elbow, continue to lift until the dumbbells are parallel to the floor at around eye level.  Slowly lower dumbbells down to start position and> repeat.  This exercise really isolates the shoulders so start of with a low weight.

Lateral Raises:  Here is another one that really isolates the shoulders, similar to the front raise but involves lifting the weights out to the side.  Stand>ing with the Dumbbells at the side of the body,  raise the arms out to the side.  Make sure you maintain a slight bend at the elbow, raise to shoulder height only.  Again as this is an isolation exercise start with a lower weight and> really concentrate on the exercise, lifting slowly and> with care.

These are my top 3 exercises for shoulders, to really feel the burn why not incorporate them into a triple set, and> perform one straight after the other.  Select a light weight for this one and> complete, 10 Front Raises, 10 Lateral Raises and> 10 Presses – It’s a toughie!

Let me know if you try any of these exercises, or have any other shoulder favourites!

I recommend if you are trying any of these exercises that you seek professional advice to ensure your technique is correct and> your not putting yourself at risk of injury!