Following on from last weeks post on the great outdoors and> exercise ideas I mentioned the importance of wrapping up warm, look no further than Trespass.  If you are looking for a great autumn/winter jacket than take a look at Trespass and> their great range. I recently received the Mel Women’s Waterproof Jacket from Trespass to try and> I absolutely love it.  You can read more about the product here, which describes the product and> gives it’s technical details should you wish to read them, I am going to focus on my opinions of the jacket.

Firstly this jacket looks great, it is smart enough to wear everyday you could wear it to work, picking the kids up or of course on that weekend hike.  It has a slim fit which I love, as sometimes I feel jackets like this can have no shape, this is not an issue with this jacket. But it is not too tight, so there is still room for a jumper underneath it should you need it.  I think the bright pink contrasting hood, looks really stylish and> gives it that edge that transforms it from a boring “waterproof jacket” to a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

So that’s the look, how does it perform as a jacket – well first up it is so warm – I was amazed when I first tried it out.  The jacket feels so lightweight when it is on but you can tell it is well made and> contains some great insulating properties, even with a cold wind this jacket keeps you feeling really snug!  And the lined pockets – wow – I love these! Not only do they keep your hand>s warm, they feel so nice and> comfortable, you will want to keep your hand>s in these pockets! It is also waterproof as are the pockets, so no wet phone or wallet when you are out, they are also zipped pockets so there is added security for your belongings.  I also like the small inside zip pocket for added storage.  Living in Manchester rain is a bit of an issue, so the great waterproof properties of this jacket come in super hand>y! I’ve already survived one torrential rain shower in this jacket, I may have had wet feet but my upper body stayed super dry in this jacket.  And the hood saved me from spending the rest of the day with wet hair!  You can also roll the hood into the neck of the jacket easily which is a great added feature.

I would highly recommend this jacket not only for your outdoor activities but also for everyday winter clothes, I am actually feeling a little bit (a tiny bit maybe) excited for the colder days so I can get more wear out of this fabulous jacket.