The weather may be getting a little cooler outside but I still think it is a great time to be getting outside and> enjoying some fresh air, just make sure you have the right attire and> wrap up warm!

If you fancy enjoying the autumn weather here are my top exercise ideas for you to try:

Walking/Hiking – Walking is a great form of exercise and> really you can do it anywhere. Just grab your trainers and> get out there! It is accessible to everyone and> is great for beginners.  If you want to make it a little bit tougher or do some more exploring how about going out on a hike – although hiking is actually defined as a long walk for pleasure it tends to involve slightly more difficult terrain, think forests, lakes or coastal terrain!

Jogging/Running – Again this is a great exercise to take up, you need little equipment and> can do it anywhere. All you really need is a decent pair of trainers! For beginners I would always recommend to start slow (Walk/Run intervals) and> build up. So what are you waiting for, get out there!

Cycling – I love going out on my bike, but I have to admit I am a bit of a fair weather cycler, it is great to do when the sun is shining but if it’s a little bit cold I will find an excuse not to go! That being said it is a great form of exercise, and> you can really start exploring your surroundings.  Have a look at local cycling paths or trails and> get out and> explore.  Take a healthy picnic or stop off at a local cafe.  It can be such a fun day out you may even forget you are exercising!

Swimming – I don’t mean indoor swimming pools, I mean getting out into some open water – I first tried open water swimming back in 2012 and> although I loved it it has taken a bit of a back seat when training recently. There are some great places you can do open water swimming in the UK, so you would need to do a little bit of research but it can be so much fun once you get into it! You can read about my first open water experience here:
It is coming to the end of the open water season, but it is still worth giving it a go and> who knows you may love it!

Let me know if you include any outdoor training in your regime, and> if you’ll be keeping it up into the autumn!