As a Personal Trainer I spend a large amount of time helping people with their training goals and> sadly I often forget about myself. I love my job, my clients and> helping them get results but it can then be difficult to do it for yourself.  Recently I’ve lost the motivation to train myself, and> I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I’ve written plans for myself, and> worked out my own macros but without anyone to be accountable to its so easy to cheat!

I get married next year, and> have a fabulous honeymoon booked so I really feel I want to get more serious with my training and> nutrition, so I took the decision to seek some help.  I looked online and> one person stood out to me as someone I could work with and> who I knew would get me results – Becca Smith. (Instagram – I have invested in a 12 week tailored nutrition and> training plan with ongoing support from Becca.  

I am really excited to get started having received my plan, it means being a lot stricter with myself than I am used to but I am really determined and> looking forward to seeing what I can achieve with some more dedication.

I will keep you updated in my journey over the next 12 weeks!