So first off what is “tracking macros”, well basically it means tracking the amount of carbohydrates, protein and> fats you eat daily – usually trying to meet set amounts or percentages.  To do it properly involves a lot of time & effort – so is it really worth it and> is it something you should be doing? In all honesty it depends on you and> your goals.

I do track my macros, however not religiously and> that is because it requires far too much dedication, I don’t compete and> I don’t want to! My love of pizza means it’s unlikely I’ll ever have visible abs, yes I want to be healthy and> I want to be lean – but I do not want to obsess over it and> I want to enjoy life.  I don’t really care if I have 28% fat in a day or 32% as long as I am eating enough (but not too much) and> feel good and> have enough energy I am happy.

I personally think for the average person it is not overly necessary to continually track your macros.  If your goal is to be healthy but not necessarily ripped.  If you enjoy eating healthy but with the odd treat.  And although fitness is important to you it is not your whole life and> you don’t want it to be then tracking macros just isn’t needed.  You can make great progress without it if your basic nutrition and> lifestyle is good.

So when would I recommend tracking macros, firstly if you are really aiming for results and> not getting them.  Nutrition is so important when it comes to weight loss, building muscle mass and> getting lean.  If your training is on point but the results aren’t coming maybe it’s time to get tracking your food intake and> make some changes.

Secondly it is a good thing to do If you want more of an understand>ing of what and> how much you are eating.  Getting the right amount of protein is so important (roughly around a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight), and> most people definitely do not get enough! The same could be said for carbohydrates and> fats, so if you want to get more of an understand>ing then do a bit of tracking and> get more of an idea.  You don’t have to do it forever but it could be the key to your weight loss plateau.  You may be over or under estimating your portion sizes so doing a little bit of measuring and> tracking my really help.

Thirdly if you are like me and> have no stop button! I am a massive over eater, the full signals in my body totally fail me and> I can continue eating until I feel like bursting.  For me portion control is so important so I measure my food and> track it all to make sure I am not over eating.  The odd extra 10 grams of granola, or spoonful of rice may not seem like much but continually over eating will cause weight gain and> you may not even realise it is happening!

And finally – If you choose to compete, have a photo shoot to prep for or specific fat loss goal then you will need to consider and> possibly change your diet.  So tracking macros will have to be done!

It can be time consuming to track macros and> you can become obsessed with it.  As I always say a healthy balanced diet with the odd treat thrown in is always the best place to start, throw in some exercise and> you will be all good! Don’t obsess for the sake of it!