So a couple of weeks ago I discussed some of my favourite booty builders, and> sticking with the same theme – next up is the back! I love training my back muscles, and> I really think a toned back looks amazing and> is so worth working for! So here are my top 3 exercises for you to incorporate into your workouts!

Firstly you definitely need to be throwing in some rows and> there are so many different types to choose from! Seated Row, Bent Over Row, Single Arm Row so mix it up, try them all and> maybe even superset them!  If you want to add in some rows, here’s how! Stand> with feet shoulder-width apart with a dumbbell in each hand>.  Keep your core engaged; bend forward from hips ensuring you don’t arch your back with a slight bend in both knees.  Start with arms straight down in front of you, and> then pull both dumbbells up to your side by raising your elbows – keep elbows as close to body as possible until your upper arm is just beyond horizontal.  Lower dumbbells back down slowly. This is a dumbbell bent over row, you can amend this to use a bar with either over or under hand> grip.

Next up try some lateral pull downs, this could be one of the resistance machines you find in a gym or you may need to change the attachment on a 4 or 8 stack multi trainer.  If you use one of the resistance machines they should have information on how to use, but I’ll give you some pointers.  Sit on the seat, adjusting the thigh pads so that the quads above the knees sit comfortably under the support. Grab the bar with a wide overhand> grip, keep the back straight and> pull the bar down (squeezing shoulder blades together) to just under the chin and> release to the start position.  When you have completed the set stand> to slowly take the bar back to the top.

A more advanced move is a pull up! Bodyweight if you can manage a full one (I’m still working on it!) or use some resistance band>s or the assisted pull up machine in the gym! Don’t be afraid this is an amazing exercise for strength and> toning the back, and> lets be honest it looks good!!  I would recommend you start with the assisted pull up machine.  Your gym should have one and> you can read the instructions but I’ll give you some tips so you don’t feel too lost! First up this machine is different to usual resistance machines as the weight assists you, the heavier the weight the easier it is! Start from your current weight, and> try to go at least one “pin” position down! See how you get on, better to start with more assistance than get stuck or pull a muscle! First stand> on the side platforms, and> hold onto the outer hand>les. Lift one knee, and> place it on the padded knee rest.  Hold onto the hand>les as you place your second knee onto the knee rest and> be prepared to hold yourself up.  With your abs engaged, spine neutral, Pull yourself up as far as possible and> then release down.  Be careful when getting off the machine, slowly take one knee off the pad and> place on the platform and> then the other.

So get sculpting your back – let me know if you give any of these a go!

As with any exercise, I recommend if you are trying these that you seek professional advice to ensure your technique is correct and> your not putting yourself at risk of injury!