I often get asked what I tend to eat on a daily basis and> for meal ideas, so today’s post focuses more on basic ideas for what you can eat.

I have to admit that I tend to eat a very similar diet on a daily/weekly basis – I start my day with a smoothie, have granola & greek yoghurt as my main breakfast (homemade), nuts/seeds/fruit as snacks, or eggs, chicken, veg and> some fat source (Halloumi/Feta/Avocado) for lunch, occasionally with some rice and> dinner is usually meat or fish with vegetables.  However we do occasionally mix it up with dinner up making chilli, bolognaise, stir fry, thai curry.  If I fancy something sweet in the evening I go for dark chocolate.  That’s my diet in a nutshell!

Occasionally I do get bored, but I find this is easy and> fits into my lifestyle well, if I want to mix it up I may try some of the below ideas:

Breakfast Ideas
2 slices of ‘wholemeal or multigrain’ toast with avocado
Breakfast Smoothie – banana, greek yoghurt, blueberries, fresh apple juice (not from concentrate), clear honey – blend all ingredients together, and> sprinkle hazelnuts on top.
Fruit Salad, with a small pot of yoghurt and> some nuts
Sausages with tomatoes and> mushroom and> poached eggs
Porridge with semi skimmed milk and> cinnamon

Lunch Ideas
Scrambled or boiled eggs – for scrambled eggs, lightly whisk egg with 2 tbsp semi skimmed milk, and> a pinch of black pepper and> either microwave or scramble in a pan, serve with 2 slices of wholemeal or multigrain toast.
Turkey Salad Wrap – 3 slices of turkey, sliced tomato, spring onion, lettuce, served on a wholemeal wrap.
Feta Cheese Salad – Feta Cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce, spring onion, homemade salad dressing and> nairns ‘oatcake’ crackers.
Ham Salad Pitta – 1 wholemeal pittas, with 2 slices of ham, cottage cheese, or tzatziki, 1 sliced tomato and> lettuce
4 nairns crackers, with cottage cheese and> salad
Pitta bread, with celery, carrots and> hummus.
Salad – lettuce, cherry tomatoes, 1 yellow pepper, cucumber, sunflower seeds – all served together with homemade dressing.  Serve with feta cheese, ham.

Dinner Ideas
Any of the above lunch ideas.
Choice of meat (chicken breast, turkey breast, steak, fish fillet) served with hand>ful of potatoes or rice and> vegetables.
Wraps – Choice of meat, and> vegetables sir fried served in a wrap with some sour cream and> guacamole
Stir Fry – Choice of meat and> loads of vegetables of your choice, stir fried and> served with nuts and> a small portion of rice.
Omelette with ham/cheese and> vegetables, served with salad.

Snack Ideas
Half a mango & 6 almonds
Half a punnet of berries
6 brazil nuts
Small pot of yoghurt
6 cashew nuts & quarter of a pineapple
2 nairns biscuits
Slice of melon
6 squares of quality dark chocolate
Fruit Salad
Hand>ful of grapes

Hopefully this gives you a few more ideas on what you can eat when staying healthy!
Would be great to hear from you guys on what your favourite “healthy” meal is and> why?