It happens to me, and> it will happen to you – it is inevitable that at some point you will lose your exercise Mojo – we have to accept that. You get fed up of the early starts, the constant sorting of your gym back or food prep – you start to wonder why you bother and> skipping workouts becomes more of a habit than once in a blue moon! So what can you do!

My top tip would be to take a break, a planned pre-set period of time where you rest, recuperate and> lay off the food prep! It is tough but telling yourself that for a few days or even a week that your not going to worry about exercise or food prep, can be an excellent motivator.  You’ll probably realise you miss it! If you train hard I recommend this anyway as sometimes you just start going through the motions and> you’ll find that after a short rest break you’ll be back and> nailing the PB’s.

However if taking a break just isn’t an option here are a couple of other tips you can try to get you back into the swing of it!

  1. Try Something New!  So if you usually run try cycling, if you just lift weights try mixing it up, full body workouts rather than splits or find some new exercises to spice up your training. You could even try a class, there are so many to choose from you should be able to find something to fit in your training.
  2. Cut your workouts Short! Instead of saying I’m going to do my usual 45-60 minute workout, I’m just going to head to the gym for 20 minutes and> do a quick all body circuit.  If you usually run 10km just say we’ll do 5km today – or just a quick 20 minute run! You are doing something, and> may find that you still do that full workout anyway once you get started!

If all else fails – JUST DO IT! As Nike would say.  You know you’ll feel better and> get back into it at some point, so just continue to go through the motions and> eventually something will click and> you’ll be back on track!