So we are pretty much half way through the year now and> so I wanted to take a look back over the goals I set for myself this year and> reassess them.  Unfortunately things don’t always work out how you’d hoped and> so it is always good to look over your goals and> set new challenges.

Here is a run down on what I hoped to achieve at the start of the year – you can check out more detail on these on my previous 2015 post!

Full Triathlon
Tough Mudder
Squat my bodyweight
Complete one full pull up
Complete a 10km race in under one hour
Complete one mile front crawl in open water

I will be completely honest and> say a few of these have fallen by the wayside and> are not on my radar as much now as they were at the start of the year.  Things change and> my training and> aspirations have changed.  I have not been doing much running or swimming so the triathlon/10km race and> open water swimming are goals that I am unlikely to reach.  However I am OK with this as I have been struggling to fit everything into my schedule and> I choose to let these slide.  I have been focusing more weight training, and> just enjoying working out – it is about the journey as well as the results!  I would maybe one day like to get back into these type of events but for this year I don’t think I will be taking part in any.

This leaves the more weight focused goals and> these are now massively on my radar and> I am so determined to reach these goals.

Tough Mudder
I have not as yet signed up for a Tough Mudder event this but am definitely still considering it and> it is something I really want to do! It may not however be this year. I will look at again towards the end of the year and> maybe sign up last minute or get signed up for next year so I have no excuses!!

The goals I really want to focus on are strength based, and> I have a new one to chuck into the mix as well!

Squat my bodyweight
I currently squat 40kg and> weigh 60kg so I would like to be able to squat at least my body weight by the end of 2015 – I am still squatting around this weight as I stopped working on heavy lifts for a period but I am back on it now and> this goal is still massively in my mind!

Complete one full pull up
Still my nemesis, I have again not been focusing on these as much as I should recently so as with my squats I am back on this and> so determined to complete a pull up or even a chin up by the end of the year!

Deadlift 100kg
In line with all my new strength training I am loving deadlifting again, so my goal is 100kg – I am currently able to do 2 reps at 70kg but I have areas to work on with my technique so this again is one of my major aims.

I will over the coming weeks discuss these goals in more detail, the training I will be doing and> give you some insight into my nutrition.

It is a great idea to have goals and> dreams, but it is also important to enjoy what you are doing so if this means changing the focus, or letting go of some ideas for the time being don’t worry.  Make sure you always enjoy your training!