If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter or my page on Facebook you will see how I often spend time preparing my meals.  And eat out of tupperware pots! Some may think it’s crazy but there is a reason, a method behind my madness if you will! As the saying goes and> the title to this post – Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and> I personally believe this is so true when it comes to Nutrition and> maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Yes eating out is becoming easier for the health conscious with places catering for more diverse dietary requirements but it can still be difficult depending where you are and> the type of places you have access to.  Hence why I always recommend planning your food and> preparing your meals. Yes it can seem boring, or time consuming but if you really want to get your nutrition on point it is something I really think you need to get into.  Getting into preparing your meals can save you time on busy days, and> means you always have something healthy and> don’t end up reaching for the takeaway menu!

I usually use Sundays and> Wednesdays as prep days, preparing a number of meals/food for the next few days.  For example one of my days preparing included making breakfast, lunch, dinner and> snacks for a few days for myself and> my fiancé.   Here we have homemade granola, chilli, chicken, vegetables, halloumi, rice and> eggs.  This will be the bulk of our breakfast, lunches, snacks and> chilli for a couple of evening meals – all done in a couple of hours.  This means we always have healthy meals and> snacks on hand>!

My top tips for food prep include buying and> cooking in bulk – plan your meals, always have space in your freezer and> invest in lots of tupperware pots!