This week I have been enjoying some time off in the beautiful area of Porec in Croatia, enjoying the nice weather, beautiful scenery and> generally just relaxing – it has been amazing. I do love a good holiday, don’t we all eh! I do appreciate that a lot of the time people train/eat healthily in preparation for a holiday. They want to go away and> just enjoy themselves. They don’t want to worry about exercise, or what they are eating, which is great, but what if you want to try and> stay on track on holiday and> not pile on the pounds, it can be tough! I do relax a lot in terms of eating and> exercising on holiday, but I know that I don’t want to come back feeling lethargic, unhealthy and> like I need another holiday to recover! So I try and> stay healthy and> active whilst away, so here are my top tips for healthy holidaying! But so you can still enjoy yourself and> not get too hung up on it!

You may not lose weight whilst on holiday but you can definitely avoid any weight gain with my simple tips!

1. Stay Active! I think this is probably the most important tip I can give you when you are away, try and> stay active. And I don’t necessarily mean you have to do gruelling workouts every day – although you can if you want to! But try and> include some activity everyday. Walk along the beach, swim some laps of the pool, play some beach volleyball with friends or family. Or if you can rent some bikes and> do some exploring. Alternatively if you want to ensure you do something a bit more active, find a nice coastal path and> go for a 20 minute run every morning, or put together a 20 minute HIIT session to do first thing! If you fit in some exercise you can enjoy more of the treats we associate with a holiday!

2. Moderation! It is so easy to eat so much more than you normally would on holiday, the all you can eat breakfast buffet, ice cream in the afternoon, grabbing some crisps whilst you get ready for the evening and> the 3 course meal for dinner in a restaurant. My tip would be try to not over indulge at every meal! Keep focused on the 80/20 rule, and> enjoy everything but in moderation! Try and> find meals that fit your healthy lifestyle most of the time, but if you really fancy that dessert go for it, and> enjoy it! DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!

3. What to eat! I would suggest you try and> stick to big healthy breakfast, think fruit and> natural yoghurt or eggs and> some protein! Try the Local Produce! If you are by the sea, fresh grilled fish is a great option and> tastes amazing! Get lots of fresh fruit and> veg into your diet as well to help fill you up. Enjoy a light lunch, salads are a good option – fill up on protein, and> good fats – make sure you have snacks throughout the day which will help avoid that evening meal splurge!

4. Don’t drink your calories! It is likely that you will be enjoying a few more alcoholic beverages whilst on holiday, and> why not – but a sugary cocktail can contain hundreds of calories – so these should be enjoyed in moderation. Go for lighter options when choosing your drinks, red or white wine, a spritzer – or a spirit with a low calorie mixer – your best bet being vodka, lime & soda water!

5. Hydration! Last but by no means least – stay hydrated. Always make sure you have some water on hand>, being in the sun may mean you need to drink more water than you normally would. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water, and> ensure you don’t feel thirsty, as this is the first sign of dehydration.

You are on holiday so first and> foremost enjoy it, and> make sure you relax! Try not to get too hung up on food, but follow these simple tips and> hopefully you can come back feeling refreshed, revitalised and> most importantly healthy!