One of the most common reasons I hear for people not exercising is that they don’t have time! Work, kids, socialising whatever it is it gets in the way! Well I’m hear to tell you that is just an excuse it’s not a reason! If it’s important to you you make time! And if you want to tell me that your health is not important then you may as well stop reading now. Exercising isn’t just about weight loss, or muscle definition – it’s about being healthier and> fitter! 

I do understand> that life gets in the way sometimes and> it can be tough when you work full time, run a household or a business, and> of course having kids means zero time for exercise, yes?! No! Trust me there will be someone busier than you working out!! A one hour workout is 4% of you day, reduce that to 30 minutes instead and> its just 2% off your day, so here are my top tips to ensure you find the time for exercise!

First and> possibly the most controversial is just to get up earlier! Yes you may have kids waking at 6am, or you have to get ready for work but you can programme yourself to get up earlier if you have to! Get up and> go out for a 20 min run, walk or do a mini circuit it HIIT workout at home.  You do not need a gym! It can be really tough to get into this habit at first but trust me it’s a great way to fit exercise in! Get up and> tick it off your to do list!

Ok so you really don’t fancy getting up earlier or maybe it’s not feasible for some reason.  My next suggestion is to look at cutting down the time you spend on “media!” Why not record how much time you spend on the web, looking at personal emails, watching TV, playing computer games, or scrolling through social media each day for a week. I bet you can find slots of time that could be filled with exercise! And think how much better you will feel if you did!  Still not sure – what about fitting exercise into your commute, could you walk, run or cycle to work or back or  both? This is dead time you spend in the car, utilise it if you can!

Alternatively why not use exercise as an excuse to socialise with your friends? Get a group of mates together and> go for a walk, or take up dance classes, yoga or actually get to the gym together. If you find something you love doing and> do it with your friends it won’t feel like exercise! You can make it a weekly way of catching up with friends, and> who doesn’t love doing that!
So now you’ve found slots in your week that you can fit in a few hours of exercise, be in 3 x one hour slots, or a couple more half hour slots, schedule it in you diary as an appointment! Don’t miss it! You don’t skip having a shower or brushing your teeth, think of exercise as that important in your schedule. Eventually it will be something that is just part of your routine. 

One last thing that I would point out when trying to make workouts more time efficient is to plan them! Make sure you know what you are doing and> you can just get in & get out!  So stop making excuses, everyone can find the time if they want to!