A couple of weeks ago I told you all about the joys of matcha, and> I took on the Teapigs matcha challenge.  I’ve been using the Teapigs matcha powder for the past 2 weeks so I wanted to update you with how I’m getting on.  I want to be honest with you guys.  I haven’t actually noticed that much difference, however I have had a stressful couple of weeks so that may be one of the reasons the effects haven’t been as prominent for me so far.

I have mainly been drinking the matcha as a morning “shot”.  Just Half a teaspoon of powder mixed with some water but when I had a little bit more time I made myself a matcha latte.  Which was almond milk warmed in the microwave, with matcha and> a small amount of honey whisked in.  I actually enjoyed this as an alternative to a morning coffee so would give this a whirl if you drink matcha. Although I have been finding I still crave coffee but I think this is more because I Love coffee!

One thing I would rave about matcha for is as a natural pre-workout! I have used it before my morning HIIT workouts and> I do feel it’s made a difference. Odd days I’ve not used it I’ve noticed a difference in how efficient my workouts are and> how good I feel during the sessions.  This is a massive plus for me, as I am not a fan of pre-workouts but feel this is a good natural substitute. 

I am going to continue to use the Matcha powder and> hopefully over the next week or so I will start to see more improvements I can tell you about.