As a previous lazy bum myself I can totally appreciate how difficult it can be starting and> maintaining a new fitness regime.  So this week I am going to be sharing my top tips for motivating yourself to exercise.  Enjoy!

  • Less is more!! Now I know this may sound a little bit backward but I do believe that when first starting out with a new fitness regime, aiming for less is better than aiming for too much.  You are setting yourself up to fail.  So instead of saying I am going to exercise everyday, aim for just 2 or 3 sessions a week – once you’ve made that a habit you can add in more. Doing anything is better than doing nothing, and> reaching your goals is so much better than failing!
  • Find a Fitness Friend!  Doing something with a friend is so much better than doing it alone, so grab one of your other “actively challenged” friends and> set yourself some mini goals to reach together.  Not only can this make the activity itself more fun but it makes you accountable! You can’t let your friend down now can you!
  • Fun Fun Fun! Don’t do something you hate doing! I hear so many people saying I run because it’s good for me but I hate it! So don’t do it! Yes running is good for you but not if you don’t stick to it or do it half heartedly – find something you love – cycle, dance, lift weights, do yoga – do whatever you enjoy doing! But do something!
  • Good Morning! This may be a little bit controversial and> some people hate morning workouts but I do think you are much more likely to stick to exercise if you do it first thing in the morning! You don’t have as much time to make excuses, it is done for the day and> you are all set for a healthy day! Set your kit out the night before, set that alarm and> get out there!
  • All the Kit but no idea! OK so you don’t want to be this person but I do think getting some fab new workout kit will aid your motivation.  Find some kit that you love wearing, and> feel fantastic in and> it will make you want to exercise more often.  Yes you can exercise in any old joggers and> t-shirt but it’s not inspiring is it, exercise kit doesn’t have to be expensive but will be so worth it! Trust me! I love getting new gym clothes.  Look out for a future blog post on my favourite brand>s, from bargain to high end!
  • Progress not perfection! Measuring your progress is such a great motivator as you can see tangible results.  We are our own worst critics but seeing the inch loss written down, or that you’ve run a mile quicker than ever before well you can’t argue with that it’s progress! So take some before and> after photos, take measurements, do some strength and> fitness tests based on your favourite activity and> redo these every few weeks to see how you’ve been doing! But try not too focus on those evil scales too much if you can

I would love to hear from you guys about what motivates you to get moving and> maintain your fitness regime – I’m on Facebook, Twitter and> Instagram “Ode2fitness” – Check me out!