I’m currently sat on the train on the way home from a great trip to Be: Fit London. I missed the event last year and> so was eager to make it there this weekend and> luckily I did! It was a fab event – I got  to see what’s new in The industry, try out new products and> listen to experts talking about their experiences in regards to health and> fitness. There was so much to do I honestly wish I’d had more time – the day just flew by and> I didn’t get to do as much as I’d hoped. It was a bit of a whirlwind of a day!

I managed to listen to one talk, and> do one of classes so I will start with those!

I went to listen to Madeleine Shaw talk through her nutrition philosophy and> her new book “Get the Glow”.  Madeleine describes herself as a Nutritional Health Coach, and> I absolutely love her philosophy and> will definitely be getting the book! It is a well rounded approach that ditches fad diets and> starvation. Madeleine doesn’t like to focus on what you can’t have but more on what you can have! I’m really looking forward to getting her book and> trying out some of her recipes!

I took a Power Core Yoga Class.  Friday’s are usually yoga day for me so it fitted into my schedule and> seen as I was travelling on the train I was hoping not to get too sweaty! That didn’t quite work! This was quite a hardcore class as the name suggests I suppose! A powerful yoga flow set to music, focusing on strengthening the core and> the rest of the body. I really enjoyed the class as I do enjoy more flowing strong yoga such as Ashtanga. I really enjoyed enjoy the music aspect and> think it would appeal to people possibly wanting to feel they are in more of an exercise class and> not a yoga class if that makes sense.

So on to some of the fab products and> services I found at the show, so many I could mention but here are my favourites:

ZAAZEE SPORTSWEAR – I love this brand> and> already have a ZAAZEE outfit of my own which is fabulous – super stylish, and> great in the gym or on the streets! Felt great wand>ering around London in mine! Check them out!

PURITION – I sampled their whole food protein shake, and> I was really impressed – gluten free, low carb, no added sugar, no artificial nasties and> they taste great! I grabbed myself a sample box of all the different flavours to try and> looking forward to giving them all a go!

LOVE YOUR BLENDER – I love these, a brand> new product which was launched at Be: Fit. These are single serve sachets of great healthy ingredients for you to add to your smoothies! Perfect! I often have a smoothie for breakfast before work and> at 5am these will be a godsend – plus I never have to get bored of the same old smoothies again! 

KAIZEN LIVING – Superfoods that actually mean something! Kaizen sell superfood products either powders or seeds etc, but they want you to know what benefits you can get from their products and> said super food! Organic, gluten free and> vegan friendly they can help you eat well and> feel great! 

YOOGAIA – I love yoga but sometimes really struggle to get to a class, these guys have solved that with their online class site! It is a live online yoga studio. If you have a webcam the instructors can see you, or you can watch recordings of classes back whenever you want! I have signed up for a months free trial with the site so will fill you in a little bit more once I’ve tried it out but very excited about it! 

There were so many other fab brand>s there it would take me ages to fill you in on them all, so hopefully this little snippet with a few just shows you how great Be: Fit  is! I will fill you in on any other products I picked up as and> when I try them! 

I can’t wait to go back to Be: Fit next year and> I may even try and> make 2 of the days to experience even more!