I was recently lucky enough to receive some samples to try from Smart Protein, which included the chocolate and> vanilla flavours of their optimum whey protein.  I have mentioned in previous posts the importance of protein and> I do use protein shakes so it’s always good to try something new.  If you would like to read my post on protein take a look here Over the past 10 years our expert team of health and> fitness enthusiasts has gathered extensive knowledge and> experience in the sports nutrition industry. After working for some of the top brand>s in this sector we now feel that we are ready to combine our knowledge and> share it with you in the form of Smart Protein.  Our aim is to bring together all of our learnings, achievements, failures, successes, frustrations and> passions to create a brand> that focuses on the customer and> their sports nutrition journey. 

They offer a number of different products, the one I tried as mentioned was the Optimum Whey.  It is their best selling product, containing a mix of whey protein concentrate which is easily absorbed by the body but also the faster acting whey isolate and> hydrolysate – which makes it an ideal post workout drink.  It contains around 23g of protein with only 2g of carbs and> 1.6g fat ideal for anyone wanting lean muscle growth – which is definitely me! The optimum whey protein is also great value for money, at £12.50 for a 500g bag it is an absolute bargain, around 80p a shake and> the numbers get better the more you buy! 
If you want to know more about the product and> the science behind it, take a look at the Smart Protein website 

As mentioned I got to try both the Vanilla and> Chocolate flavour and> would highly recommend them! Some of the best tasting protein shakes I’ve tried – they mixed well, created a nice smooth drink and> so were easy to drink and> actually quite enjoyable. I am not usually a fan of vanilla protein drinks but found this one palatable and> would definitely have it again. It’s nice to have a change from chocolate occasionally. I loved the protein so much I have already gone out and> purchased some of this for myself, and> am looking forward to including it post workout and> seeing if there are any longer term benefits. I would also like to try it in baking and> smoothies and> see how it fares! I was really impressed with the ease of ordering and> super prompt delivery (less than 24 hours from ordering!).

If you would like to try Smart Protein for yourself use code RachelPT10 for 10% off and> let me know what you think!