I was thinking back recently to when I was losing weight, and> the changes I made to my diet – eating fresh food, making more meals from scratch, and> one thing that I thought about was portion sizes. When I first embarked on my weight loss journey, the weight fell off and> I was really happy but after a while it started to plateau and> I still wasn’t at my happy weight so I had to do something and> that was focusing on portion sizes. You can be as healthy as you want but if you are eating a portion of rice that should be feeding 3 people (and> this is what I was doing) you will not lose weight. I think for most people making small changes to your diet is the best way to begin. You should still see some changes but I do feel everyone should spend some time thinking about and> possibly reducing portion sizes. It definitely helped me. It is so easy to overeat if the food is on your plate.

The only way to be truly sure you are eating an appropriate portion is to measure it. I went through a stage during my weight loss of weighing and> tracking everything I ate and> to be honest I often still do. I don’t do it all day everyday – I have stages where I don’t track at all, and> try and> have at least one day a week where I don’t track my food so I can enjoy some little treats! I would recommend you invest in some scales and> spend a few weeks looking at food packets seeing what a recommended portion size is, measure it out and> see how it compares to what you would usually eat. You will eventually get used to what a portion of your usual foods will be, and> can stop weighing and> tracking religiously but I would recommend you do it again if you stop getting the results you want as you portions may have slowly increased.

Alternatively have a look at the portion guide below and> use this as a visual aid to help you adjust your portions as required:

portion size guide

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