The first day of Spring has sprung, light nights are here and> so are thoughts of holidays and> skimpy summer outfits! If the idea of losing the comfy baggy jumpers and> big jackets scares you – now is the time to act! There is a saying that Summer bodies are made in the winter and> yes that is true, but you can do a lot between now and> the summer so act now!


Here are my top tips for fat loss:

1. Cut down on packet food – In order to lose fat you need to be working towards a calorie deficit, but most people go to far with this and> go on restrictive diets. Not only will you feel miserable and> hungry it will actually undo a lot of your hard work. The first step I would recommend is reducing the amount of food you eat from a packet, by this I mean crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits and> any perceived “junk” food items. Those odd hand>fuls of crisps and> the odd biscuit can add up to a lot of calories so this will be an easy start towards a calorie deficit. Focus more on one ingredient foods and> preparing meals from scratch and> you’ll be even closer.

2. Drink more water – Water isn’t a magical weight loss potion, and> drinking more will not actually increase your weight loss, but staying hydrated is an important factor in helping you reach your fat loss goals. We often confuse thirst signals for hunger, so by remaining hydrated you will avoid this happening. Plus if you are drinking water you should be avoiding nasty sugary drinks full of calories!

3. Lift Weights – I know I go on about this but weight training really is key when it comes to fat loss. While cardiovascular exercise is a great way of burning fat adding in strength training exercises will help build muscle which can boost your metabolic rate! It is believed that for every pound of muscle you gain your body burns around 50 extra calories every day! That means you’ll be burning more calories while your sleeping or even whilst your watching the new series of Game of Thrones! (So excited!!) See my previous post on the benefits of weight training for more info!

4. Do some sprints – High Intensity Interval Training is fantastic for fat loss – this involves a small period of all out effort followed by a rest period and> repeat! It is thought to be one of the best ways to burn fat so I highly recommend adding some intervals into your training routine! I have previously written a post solely on HIIT training as well so take a look if you want more info!

5. Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption – OK here is the big one, alcohol! Alcohol really is the devil when it comes to weight loss so in order to get the best fat burning results cutting down on alcohol is one of the best things to do. I know as the nights get lighter and> the days warmer, beer gardens come calling but cut down if you can, especially if drinking is a regular thing for you. We don’t usually count the calories in the alcoholic drinks we have and> a glass of wine can contain more than 150 calories, so it can add up! Be aware of the calorie content of your favourite drinks and> wary of how many you are having and> it can have a huge impact on fat loss!

So there you go 5 tips to get you on the right track over the next few months before Summer is upon us, well the few days of Sun we call Summer in the UK!