Last week I went on a Kettlebell Course to try and> advance my knowledge on using this piece of kit and> I have now fallen in love with the Kettlebell! Although I have always enjoyed using kettlebells during my workouts I never realised the full potential of them and> how great they can be! The exact history of the Kettlebell is unknown, but they are believed to have started life in Ancient Greece and> were traditionally used as a measuring tool for grains and> other goods. They made their way to Russia and> it is here they were believed to have been utilised as a tool for showing off strength!

There are so many benefits to training with kettlebells – First you can train anywhere – they are a small piece of kit so you don’t need much space. They are cost effective – as you can start with just one or two kettlebells and> some retailers sell ones suitable for personal use at very reasonable prices. Aldi for example have some fab ones. They are very time efficient, you can get a full body workout in a short time. They offer a great core workout and> develop incredible strength and> power. These are just a few benefits the list goes on – but they offer a great alternative to any barbell/dumbbell workouts and> there are so many variations you would almost never get bored!

The Kettlebell can be broken down into 3 parts, the bell (round bit at the bottom), the horns (the side parts of the hand>le) and> the hand>le itself (top part of hand>le).


There are so many exercises you can do with Kettlebells from the basics like Deadlifts, Squats, Shoulder Press, Swings into more advanced exercises like Cleans, Snatches, High Pulls, Windmills etc and> once you’ve mastered the basics you can do so many variations – single leg squats, overhead squats, clean & press – the possibilities are endless! And after doing a full day of Kettlebell training on the course I can vouch for their effectiveness – I was aching a lot!

One major downside to Kettlebells which I can’t ignore is the bruised forearms, I was brusied and> sore after my full day on the course, and> granted it doesn’t look good – OUCH!


A small price to pay – No Pain No Gain as they say!!!

So next time you’re in the gym have a look at the Kettlebells, maybe try a class or get one of the members of staff to show you some of the basic moves and> try to add them into your training! I have a youtube channel coming soon and> a Kettlebell workout is going to be one of the first videos so look out for that soon!

Let me know your thoughts on Kettlebells and> if you use them contact me via Twitter @ode2fitness or on Facebook