Working at the gym I end up carrying lots around with me, but there are a few things I hate forgetting and> can’t do a workout without. I thought I would share these with you, and> maybe give you a few tips on products/kit to take to the gym with you.

It is so important to stay hydrated when you are working out so a water bottle is vital, I take my own and> fill it up at the gym. I was bought a fabulous bobble bottle for Christmas, which is a reusable bottle that filters water as you drink. It makes water taste so much better. Have a look on the website which is American but you can order them from loads of places online in the UK, including Amazon!

Gym Towel
I definitely need a small towel with me when I’m at the gym, as when you are working hard you should be sweating and> it is good to be able to wipe down any equipment but also yourself. I don’t have a fancy towel, just one I got from Wimbledon when I went to watch the tennis, it is bright pink which I love and> does the job I need it to. You can get some really funky ones with small zip pockets for your valuables or some have different sides – one for gym and> one for your face so you aren’t wiping the kit down then wiping your face! Good idea hey!

I have to have my own music on in the gym when I am working out alone, as I find it motivates me and> pushes me on. Therefore I always have a phone holder and> headphones with me at the gym. Try putting together gym playlists with your favourite motivational music to help motivate you when training.

Weight Gloves
I can’t live without my weight training gloves, I know some people don’t use them but I need to. I have really dry skin and> don’t like the idea of callouses on my hand>s. They also help with grip on certain exercises, I find pull ups extremely tough without them!

I have to admit to not being great at noting down my workouts but it is a good idea to have a notepad with you when in the gym to keep track of your progress. It is about always challenging yourself so this can be an important piece of kit to track how you are doing!

Beauty Products
I have a selection of beauty products in my gym bag so I will do a quick run down for you! I love the 2 in 1 shower gel & shampoos you can buy so I always carry one of these. They are great and> it is a massive bonus only having to carry one bottle! I have also recently started using some amazing face wash designed specifically for post workout. I will be doing a separate review on Pretty Athletic and> their products in the next few weeks but I am so impressed with them! Take a look – I also have a strong hand> cream in my bag so I can moisturise my hand>s often, as I mentioned by hand>s take a bit of a battering working at the gym so it’s imperative I keep on top of this!

Protein Shaker
I do use protein as a post workout snack therefore I have to ensure I have my protein shaker hand>y, I have a promixx which I absolutely love! Lazy but fab!

So there you go, a bit about what is in my gym bag! Hopefully I have given you some ideas of what you might want to be taking with you or something new to try!