Baobab Fruit pronounced Bey-oh-bab is a fruit which grows on the Baobab Tree in Africa, and> the nutritional benefits have meant it has been heralded as a “Superfruit”. Baobab was given EU approval for use in smoothies and> cereal bars back in 2008, and> each year it is cited as being the next big thing in Superfood. As January hits we are all looking for more ways to improve our health – we’ll try anything especially something that claims to be a Super Food. So is Baobab the real deal, will 2015 finally be the year Baobab takes off.

I am wary of using the word Super Food as it has no real definition, and> is more a marketing term, however some foods do have higher nutrient levels than others and> Baobab is definitely one of those foods. No one food is going to provide you with all the nutrients you need, however using certain foods shown to have “super” nutrient levels will help you along the way. Baobab is one of those fruits. It has 6 times the amount of antioxidants found in blueberries, 6 times the Vitamin C found in Oranges and> levels of potassium to rival the banana. All these nutrients are great for overall health and> its not the end of it when it comes to Baobab. It also contains high levels of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and> Fiber.

How then can all this benefit you and> your health levels! All the science and> numbers are great but what we really want to know is how these foods can benefit us, so here goes with a list of all the potential benefits you may get from including Baobab in your daily diet:

Increased Energy Levels
Boost the Immune System
Maintain Healthy Heart Function
Enhance Recovery From Exercise
Promote Healthy Skin
Reduce Fatigue Levels

All sounds great hey! Where can I buy it?

I found out about Baobab towards the end of last year when I won some lovely goodies from a company called Minvita ( One of the tubs was their Baobab Superfruit powder, I have been adding to my daily smoothies ever since and> I love it. It has quite a sweet fruity taste so great to add to smoothies, you can also add it to plain old water to jazz it up a little bit. Other uses include mixing into yoghurt, cereal or as a baking ingredient (I will be looking for recipes myself soon!). Check out the Minvita website to buy, or you can also buy it from Holland> & Barrett I believe. Any other stockists let me know.