Tough Mudder has grown massively over the past few years, and> you can’t move in the gym for finisher t-shirts, I want one!  So what is Tough Mudder, well the website says it is “probably” the toughest event on the planet and> trust me it sounds like it could be!  A 10 to 12 mile obstacle course designed to test all-around strength, stamina, teamwork, and> mental grit. Obstacles include underwater tunnels, monkey bars, freezing ice baths and> electric shock therapy amongst other such wonderful challenges.

I have been considering Tough Mudder for the past year or so, events conspired against me in 2014 meaning I didn’t end up entering (although I’m not sure I was that upset!).  My boyfriend however signed up with his Personal Trainer, and> completed the North West Tough Mudder in September.  So is it as bad as it sounds, or is it something every fitness fanatic should try.

What made you sign up for Tough Mudder?
I’ve never done anything like this before, so thought it would be an interesting challenge. And my Personal Trainer talked me into it!!!!

What training have you done before and> did you tailor your training to Tough Mudder?
I didn’t tailor my training really, just focused a bit more on fitness based exercises as usually I concentrate on Strength training.

What obstacles did you face at the 2014 North West Mudder event and> did you complete them all?
Yes I completed all the obstacles, they included a lot of mud and> crawling.  Arctic Enema, basically a large ice bath! Electro Shock Therapy, running through hanging electrified wires.  Monkey Bars.   There was also a lot of climbing, crawling, swinging, jumping and> wading through mud!

What was your favourite obstacle?
Everest was probably my favourite, it involved a quarter pipe that you had to run up and> reach the top.  It was probably about 15 feet tall, and> its made extra slippy with a concoction of oil!  I also liked Island> Hopping, which was a run across unstable floating pads lined up in a pond/river.

Which was the toughest obstacle?
Mud Mile was pretty tough, you are wading through chest dip thick mud, although it’s not quite a mile – it is long enough!

Were there any obstacles that wanted to skip?
Arctic Enema!  It  definitely goes through your mind to dodge it when you are stood on the platform waiting to jump into what is essentially a skip full of ice/ice cold water.  And half way across there is an obstacle that forces you to full submerge into the water! Not great, and> I hate cold water.

How did you cope with the distance?
The distance was one of the harder parts, but then it is broken up by the obstacles so you are only running about a mile at a time.  I did however suffer with cramp so I would recommend some conditioning training.

How did you feel when you crossed the finish line?
Tired and> Relieved! Oh and> definitely sore!

Would you do it again?

Would you recommend it to a friend?
Yes everyone should give it a go!

As mentioned in my post last week Tough Mudder is on my list for 2015, and> am hoping to sign up for the North West event in September 2015, hopefully with my own team! As they say it is probably the toughest event around and> I really want to be able to say I’ve done it! And be able to add the Finisher t-shirt to my collection!  Look out for training updates on this, and> the other events I am taking part in next year!