It’s coming up to the end of 2014 and> it leads to the time when we all start thinking about next year and> our possible New Years Resolutions.  This year I wanted to document my goals for 2015 so I have something to look back on and> you guys can all see what my hopes for the coming year are.  These are mainly going to be my training goals and> what I am hoping to achieve in the next 12 months.

I have previously taken part in a number of fitness events/challenges, these include 5km and> 10km runs, open water swimming events and> sprint triathlons.  However I didn’t do a single one in 2014 and> I have definitely missed it.   So my goals for 2015 focus around events I am hoping to take part in.

Full Triathlon

I have previously taken part in a sprint triathlon which I loved, this was at Barony Park in Nantwich and> it included a 500m pool swim, 20km bike ride finished with a 5km run. This was my first attempt at a triathlon and> I did it in May 2013.  After completing it I felt like I had the triathlon bug but events got in the way and> I didn’t take part in one this year.  Next year however I am hoping to complete a full Stand>ard Triathlon. I am considering the Salford Triathlon.  A full stand>ard triathlon consists of 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and> a 10km run, and> the Salford one includes an open water swim.   I fear I may be slightly crazy but also know with a little bit of determination and> a lot of training this is something I can achieve and> so next year may be the year.

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is another event I have been interested in previously but have never taken the plunge.  My boyfriend completed it this year (look out for an interview on his experiences next week!), but again for personal reasons I couldn’t enter.  I feel Tough Mudder is something I just have to do, it is a true test of strength and> endurance.  Some of the obstacles scare the life out of me and> I’m not sure I could complete them all but you never know unless you try.  I will discuss this one more in my Tough Mudder post next week.

I also have some mini goals relating to my fitness and> strength which will hopefully help when I am taking part in the above events, these are smaller and> hopefully attainable goals for next year.

Squat my bodyweight
I currently squat 40kg and> weigh 60kg so I would like to be able to squat at least my body weight by the end of 2015.

Complete one full pull up
Pull ups are my nemesis, I work hard on them but rarely see much improvement.  I believe that one day it will just click so I will keep going and> I am determined to complete at least one.  I think I need to get this done asap as it will help in any Tough Mudder training!

Complete a 10km race in under one hour
Running is not something I overly enjoy, actually I do but not when it comes to long distances.  I love getting outside and> just enjoying running.  I usually complete around 5km, but whenever I have trained for longer distances I lose motivation.  However if I want to complete a full triathlon this is something I have to be able to do.  I have previously done 10km in around an hour, well just over, but I really want to get under 60 minutes before attempting a triathlon.  I will be taking part in a 10km race in 2015 to try and> reach this goal.

Complete one mile front crawl in open water.  
I have previously taken part in open water events and> swam Lake Windermere with a relay team but I have never managed to complete a full mile front crawl.  I think this is definitely a mental issue and> something I know I can achieve. I panic slightly when I get into the water for the first time and> lose momentum and> then breast stroke becomes my choice of stroke.  Again this links to my triathlon aspirations as I can expend much less energy on the swim if I can control my breathing and> stroke.

So there you go, this is what I am hoping to achieve in 2015.  Gosh it sounds like a lot!!! I think I have it in me to achieve these goals, with a little bit more focus on my training.  I have the mini goals to aim for, which will hopefully help me when going for the big ones – the Triathlon and> Tough Mudder.

Have you decided on your health and> fitness goals for 2015, and> what you hope to achieve?

If yes let me know, I would love to hear from you.  If not, maybe you should start thinking about it.  I would recommend you make sure any goal achievable and> also have a think about what you need to be doing to achieve your goal, monthly, weekly and> daily.  It could be completing a 5km race, or getting into a new sport.  It could be weight loss or fat loss – whatever it is write it down and> keep it in your head.

Let’s make 2015 a year to remember – do something fabulous!!