Sorry about the title, it sounds a bit egotistical but trust me its not! I often get asked in the gym what I eat on a daily basis and> how often I train, so I thought I would write a bit of a post on me and> my life, focusing on Training and> Nutrition.

I will start by saying that I am not perfect, far from it but I am always striving to be better and> improve my own health and> well being.  I enjoy the occasional glass of wine, and> pizza is a major downfall of mine but overall I eat well and> train hard so treats are an important part of my life.

I would say my eating varies throughout the week but generally it follows a similar pattern and> can be dependent on my schedule.  I often begin work at 6/7am and> don’t always feel like eating first thing, actually no I could eat but I prefer the extra 10 minutes in bed, so I will whiz up a smoothie! This usually contains almond milk, protein powder, a banana, hand>ful of blueberries and> spinach and> this keeps me going for a few hours.  In my first break of the day I will usually have my main breakfast, which is home-made Granola and> full fat Greek yoghurt.  I have to eat consistently throughout the day, so always have snacks on hand>.  These can be any number of things.  Boiled eggs, Nakd bars, protein shakes, oatcakes and> houmous, apple and> almond butter, fruit, Greek yoghurt, sometimes even porridge constitutes a snack.  I also enjoy making some healthy snack foods at home, including banana bread and> sweet potato brownies.  Lunch is more often than not chicken and> rice, boring but filling and> cheap to make.  I will usually add some sauce/seasoning – peri peri, soy sauce, sweet chilli, pesto to name a few.  As I mentioned I eat often, so I would usually have another snack around 4ish to keep me going until dinner.  I once saw an image on twitter that showed the meals of the day as Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and> Supper and> I think this sums my eating up perfectly.  So next up Dinner, this can be a number of things and> is usually made from scratch by myself or my boyfriend (usually the boyfriend!).  We love Stir Fries, Chilli and> Curry, sometimes we’ll have fish, veg and> sweet potato wedges or steak as a treat! Then if I get hungry before bed I will go for supper! Usually something from the above snack list. People often say I eat a lot, and> I suppose it is true, but this is usually because I eat often, I do however focus on the portion sizes to ensure I don’t overeat.

I focus on trying to get a good balance of macros, and> do track my eating through myfitnesspal. When I first started working in the gym my weight plummeted and> I had to focus on eating enough so I began calorie counting for that reason.  I don’t usually recommend calorie counting but sometimes it is needed.  I aim to eat around 55% carbohydrates, 20% fat and> 25% protein as this tends to work for me – macro requirements are individual and> can involve quite a bit of trial and> error.  I also only feel it is required for certain goals and> for the general public the focus should be more on the types of foods you are eating.

OK so on to training – what do I do, well my weekly schedule looks a little bit like this.

Monday = Weight Training (Legs or Upper Body)
Tuesday = Yoga, 45 mins of Ashtanga
Wednesday = I teach a spin class, which I participate in
Thursday = I teach 2 classes on a Thursday, a class similar to Body Pump and> another Spin so don’t do any other training
Friday = Weight Training (Legs or Upper Body)
Saturday = I occasionally train on a Saturday dependent on my working hours and> weekend plans, these workouts vary and> may include additional weight training sessions, intervals, abs or low intensity steady state cardio.

I often wish I had more time to weight train. I would like to add in some additional days to split my training further but currently this works for me and> fits into my schedule.  On weight training days I mix my training up, sometimes lifting heavy and> aiming for PB’s on weights, others I will do some plyometric style training or mini circuits.  I feel it is important to mix up your training and> try new exercises.  Sundays are always my rest day, this is the only full day off I get each week and> so I avoid the gym and> exercise and> usually avoid tracking my food as well.  I will enjoy treats and> some chill time!

So that’s my life in a nutshell, I love exercising and> I love food.  I try to find a balance between the two that means I can still enjoy my life whilst looking and> feeling good!