First I would like to apologise for my lack of blog posts recently.  I have been very busy, including travelling to London a couple of times.  It is that travelling which has led me to write this post and> share my tips for staying healthy on the go.

Do you find it difficult to stay healthy when out and> about, or in particular when travelling?  I know I do, there is a distinct lack I feel of healthy food options at train stations, airports or event arenas/stadiums.  I visited the O2 this week and> struggled with food choices.  I am also a regular at Stoke City watching football, and> the lack of healthy eating options is limited here.  I really struggled last week but did make some attempts to stick to my eating regime, so I have put together some tips to help you guys out if and> when you need it!

1.  Preparation is key! This is true all the time to be honest but in particular when travelling.  The key is to think about where you will be when you need to eat and> how you can prepare snacks/meals to help you avoid grabbing anything you can en route.  Have healthy snacks prepared, and> if you need to make meals to take in Tupperware boxes.  I love Tupperware and> have been known to indulge in some chicken and> rice, on the train or at a football ground.

2.  Choose restaurants ahead of time and> check the menus online! If you know you will be indulging in a restaurant meal, try and> choose ahead of time.  You can then look at the menu and> choose something that fits into your goals. Or you may choose to treat yourself and> then you know that the rest of the day you need to be super good and> you can enjoy that treat!

3.  Try and> stay active! You may find that the travelling disrupts your usual gym routine but where possible stick to it.  If you can’t then at least try and> stay as active as possible. I had to miss a couple of workouts due to my travelling, but I tried my best to fit extra in where I could.  Think high intensity short bursts, maybe some extra HIIT workouts will keep you on track or squeeze a session in somewhere else if you can.

4. Little and> Often!  I find I make bad choices when I’m hungry so it’s a good idea to try and> eat smaller meals little an often.  This links back to preparation and> making sure you have healthy snacks to hand>. You can get some decent snacks from some shops if you can find them but be careful some snacks may look healthy but could be full of sugar.  If you can prepare your own that would be optimal but if not look for Nakd bars, Quest Bars if you can find them, Skinny Topcorn or grab a piece of fruit or some nuts (unsalted though!).

5.  Stay Hydrated!  Try and> avoid alcohol and> focus on staying hydrated – drinking water as much as possible.  Drinking water will help flush the body of toxins and> sometimes feeling thirsty can be mistaken as hunger, so you could satisfy some of your food cravings with a nice glass of water.

Hopefully this will help you out a little bit when you are eating on the go.  I know it can be difficult especially when you are unable to take your own snacks into venues.  It is becoming slightly easier to get healthy snacks on the go as shops understand> more what people are wanting.  Boots have started selling a fab protein packed snack of boiled eggs and> spinach but it is still more difficult than you think.  However with some careful planning you can hopefully avoid the fast food joints and> popcorn vendors, if you want to that is!