Make a warm water and> Lemon!!

I have recently heard a lot about the benefits of hot water and> lemon but currently I don’t drink it myself. So throughout November I have decided I am going to challenge myself to drink a glass of warm water and> lemon every morning and> see for myself if I feel any benefits.

Some of the benefits I have been reading about include boosting your immune system due to the high levels of vitamin C, great as the winter draws in! It is meant to help cleanse the body and> flush out those unwanted toxins, whilst also clearing the skin and> giving us a healthy glow!

I will be drinking warm water as I have read this is best, along with the juice from half a lemon each morning. Morning is supposed to be the optimum time to drink it, so we will see how I get on! Fingers crossed for some noticeable results, I will keep you up to date.



I have been drinking warm water and> lemon for almost a month now and> unfortunately I can’t say I noticed huge differences.  My skin is possibly slightly better and> I have avoided any dreaded cold/flu illnesses so far, so may be it is helping.  However I think it is tough to quantify any differences.  I have been advised that you have to continue to drink the lemon water for a longer period of time to notice significant results so I am going to keep it up. With Christmas coming up its possible there will be more toxins than usual that need flushing out and> hopefully I will continue to see improvements.