I wanted to write a post to share with you some of my favourite other health and> fitness websites/blogs around at the moment.  There is a fabulous array of blogs around, and> they provide me with new workout ideas and> some amazing clean eating/healthy recipes.  Here are my current 3 favourites (in no particular order, well alphabetically actually!)


Nics Nutrition  – http://nicsnutrition.com/

Nic is a UK Specialist Registered Dietitian (RD) and> blogs about nutrition. Her blog includes healthy eating tips and> some amazing recipes.  My favourites include Healthy Granola, which I make every week for myself and> my partner, and> her Sweet Potato chocolate brownies, which provide an amazing “healthy” chocolate hit!  I always look at Nics website if I fancy making something healthy.

SpamellaB – http://www.spamellab.com/

Pamela is a fellow Manchester dweller, who has a fantastic passion for health and> fitness which she shares through her blog.  It has some fantastic recipes and> I have got some great tips on products and> restaurants to try from her and> her blog.  Linwoods flaxseed mixes and> Tea42 for Gluten Free food in Manchester to name a couple! Pamela creates some fabulous gluten free recipes, and> her website is also great for learning about products and> recipes to use them in.

Wedges and> Weights – http://www.wedgesand>weights.com/

Hannah’s blog is amazing for workout tips and> videos and> I love that she advocates heavy weights for women.  There are some great workout videos including at home workouts and> videos to get you into the weights room. I have also picked up some great tips from Hanna on “fit girl” products to try and> using photo food diaries as a way of tracking food.


It is always great to find new ideas and> inspiration from others and> these 3 lovely ladies do a fabulous job on their websites so check them out.  Let me know what you think and> if you have any other favourite websites you use for workouts or healthy recipes.

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