I have recently started drinking green smoothies and> have definitely become a lover of them. I try to have one a day but don’t always make them on days I don’t go to the gym. I use them as natural energy boost before the gym, and> a great way to way of ensuring I get enough fruit and> vegetables in my daily diet. I have really noticed a different in my energy levels since including smoothies in my diet and> would urge anyone to try them. My skin has improved as well, it feels much clearer and> brighter which is a massive bonus. I also think adding green smoothies into my diet has improved my overall diet, making healthy choices definitely makes you want to carry on with the healthy living, and> you crave less junk food. Other benefits of smoothies include improved immunity and> digestion

I tend to use a base of kale, spinach, banana, coconut water and> lemon juice and> mix up with additional ingredients. I like to try different fruits mango, raspberry, strawberry amongst others but I am looking at more ways to mix things up so I will post recipes as I begin to develop my taste buds! They are so easy to make just put it all into a blender and> mix it up, I just use a hand> blender and> this works perfectly.