As I discussed in my previous post I recently gave up alcohol for lent, 7 weeks in total – this was a massive change for me as I really enjoy the occasional glass of wine or more honestly bottle of wine!!! I wouldn’t have said I was a heavy drinker but drink most weekends, and> often too excess.

I found giving it up difficult, especially at first and> towards the end but managed to go the full 7 weeks without a drop! I did notice improvements in my fitness and> general health but it is not since I have started drinking again that I have really noticed the difference drinking makes. The past few weeks have involved weekends of drinking too excess, family meals, birthday BBQs amongst other things, so each week I have started training on the back foot. I am sadly not one of these people that tends to be able to enjoy 1 or 2 drinks on these sort of occasions so have made the decision to give up alcohol again until after my triathlon. I got down to my lowest weight during the period of not drinking, I felt more toned and> a lot fitter during these weeks, and> since drinking again I am slowly putting weight back on (despite increasing my training) and> feel this is a decision I have to make if I want to take my fitness seriously. I do not want to say I will never drink again, I don’t think this is something I could achieve and> as I mention in my profile I think life should be lived and> enjoyed, but to achieve what I want to achieve over the next few weeks, I need to be taking things more seriously and> this is one way to do it.

I am really hoping this helps me push on with my triathlon training which is going well, but could be going better. I am up to 5km with my running, currently taking just over 30 minutes – my aim is under 30 minutes. I have bought a bike which I am picking up today so need to push on with this, I am enjoying spin sessions and> am close to 20km in these but find indoor cycling boring so not going well with this, swimming is not a problem for me, I swim over a mile twice a week so confident in this discipline.

Only 3 weeks to go until the triathlon so need to get serious!