As mentioned in my previous post I have signed up for a Sprint triathlon in Cheshire on the 2nd June (8 weeks from today!) The triathlon involves a 500m swim, a 20km cycle and> finishes with a 5km run, it will be the first triathlon I have competed in. Needless to say I am both excited and> nervous!

I have recently become interested in triathlons as a way to further my training and> push myself. I considered marathons but don’t think extreme distance running is really for me, I have previously struggled getting up to 10km so I don’t think I could manage any further. I did really enjoy outdoor swimming last year, and> have kept up my swim training but just felt a multi discipline event would really push me and> I love a challenge.

Ideally I would have started training by now but one thing or another has actually meant I have spent the last 2 weeks away from the gym so tomorrow is D-Day and> I must get into my training. My training plan is going to ideally include 2 run, 2 swim and> 2 cycle sessions a week but I would like to continue with my Yoga, Zumba and> Boxercise classes. The idea is to train twice on some days and> possibly lose one of my 2 rest days for the 8 weeks until the triathlon.

Running – I am going to try and> fit in 2 runs along side my other training, I will build up distance in one of these sessions and> speed in the other (using interval training). I have run in excess of 5km regularly before but have not been running for just under a year so need to spend some time pounding the pavements again!

Cycling – As with running this will hopefully fit into my current schedule, as I don’t currently own a bike the first few weeks of training will be indoor. One session again will be distance, by myself on the bike in the gym and> one will be all round cycling skills at an indoor spin session at the gym. Cycling is something I haven’t done for almost 10 years so this is currently my weakest discipline but I feel with some focus on this area I will be able to complete the required distance.

Swimming – As I currently do 2 one hour swim sessions a week these will be maintained during the next 8 weeks. These sessions focus on all areas, technique, distance, speed and> endurance and> we swim in excess of 2000 metres. Swimming I would say is my strongest discipline and> this section does not worry me much.

So for Week One – my schedule looks like this, unfortunately I can’t fit in a Spin session so will do 2 cycle sessions in the gym:

Monday – Run in the morning and> Ashtanga Yoga class in the evening.

Tuesday – Cycle and> Swim Session

Wednesday – Zumba class

Thursday – Cycle session and> Swim Session.

Friday – Boxercise and> Abs Circuit

Saturday or Sunday – 30 minute outdoor run

I will need to look into my current diet/nutrition plan with all this additional training and> some sessions may need to be dropped for me to focus on the triathlon. I will keep you up to date with my training progress and> any changes I make to my diet. Triathlon training here I come!