I have been offline for a while as my blog has had some security issues but am back up and> running so wanted to do a post to update you on where I am up to in my life.

I am steadily losing weight this year and> am happy with my progress, I have lost around half a stone since Christmas and> can notice the difference on the scales and> in my clothes! I need to take some measurements to track my progress in this way but am doing well and> feel comfortable with my weight loss. I currently train 5 times a week, 2 Swimming sessions, Yoga, Zumba and> Boxercise all fit into my weekly schedule. Boxercise is a new exercise class I have taken up and> I love it, it is really hard work and> also a great stress reliever.

I did not have chance to let you all know about the lent challenge I set myself but any one who follows me on twitter (@ode2fitness) may have seen that I chose to give up alcohol for lent. I have gone 5 weeks without a drink and> with only 2 more to go I am doing well. I am really proud of myself for managing to keep this up, I have faced some challenges over the past few weeks which would usually have seen me reaching for the wine! To begin with I found it a real challenge, and> really missed my Friday night glass (sometimes bottle) of wine but it has got easier over the weeks. I no longer crave alcohol and> am enjoying feeling fresh everyday, no niggling headaches on a Sunday or feelings of lethargy. I haven’t noticed any major changes in myself and> I wouldn’t give up alcohol forever but it has shown me I can cope without it. With all that said though I am very much looking forward to a glass of Champagne on Easter Sunday!

Finally one more thing to mention I have signed up for my first triathlon this summer, it is a sprint triathlon in Nantwich, Cheshire on the 2nd June so I will be beginning to train for that in the coming weeks. Cycling and> Running will start to feature in my training regime soon.

I hope this has given you some insight into my life over the past few weeks and> I will pick up on some of the points mentioned here in future posts. Look out for updates on my boxing, triathlon training and> the conclusion of my lent challenge.

In the meantime -Stay Healthy!