Since the start of the year I have been taking weekly Ashtanga Yoga classes at my gym and> I have to say I have fallen in love with it, so much so I am thinking of going twice a week!  As a relatively new practitioner of Ashtanga yoga or any type of yoga I would not like to comment too much on the philosophy or history, but will draw more on my experiences of the class so far.

I have been attending a 60 minute class for the last few weeks but this has now been increased to 90 minutes which is more typical of an Ashtanga yoga class.  90 minutes allows us to spend more time on the sequences and> postures.  Ashtanga yoga is quite a physical practice which involves a synchronisation of breathing and> movement to produce an internal heat.  The breathing is called ujjayi breathing.

As mentioned I have fallen in love with yoga, I find myself experiencing a yoga “buzz” after each class, a sort of serene relaxation but the benefits can reach far beyond this.  Yoga is known by most as being great for flexibility and> Ashtanga yoga is no different, but where it does differ is in the other physical benefits it can have.  As a more powerful practice, Ashtangha yoga can help with increasing strength and> building muscle but by lengthening the muscles you will achieve a more lean toned look – which is great for us females!  I personally find I am sleeping better and> feel less stressed in my day to day life as I have this period of relaxation each week.

I know some people may feel yoga is all about stretching and> relaxation, me possibly being one of them but since taking it up I have totally changed my opinion, along with the other exercise I do I find yoga to be a fantastic addition.  Please think about giving it a go and> let me know how you find it.