2012 is over and> we have moved into 2013, the new year always brings about a feeling of optimism.  New Year resolutions being adhered to and> people making sure this year is going to be better than the last.  I have this feeling at the moment and> want to make sure it lasts, 2013 is my year.

I had a wonderful New Year watching the fireworks in London and> on the train home I was thinking about my New year resolutions, I have a few but they all combine to make sure I will be healthier and> happier this year.

1.  To lose a stone and> a half by my holiday (23rd June).  I have struggled with my weight again recently for one reason or another but I am determined to change this in 2013 and> getting back to my happiest weight of 9 and> a half stone and> ensure I look good in my bikini on holiday.

2. A flat stomach! This links to the above, and> is a massive aspiration of mine, I will try my best to get to this in 2013.

3.  To try a new exercise/sporting activity.  I love trying new things and> this year I want to make sure I continue to improve my fitness and> enjoyment of exercise and> sport.  I have signed up for a yoga class and> am thinking skiing, rock climbing or maybe ballroom dancing! We’ll see, watch this space!

4.  To do more fun things with my friends and> family.  Life passes you by a lot and> we spend too much time in front of the TV or not doing very much, I want to make sure I change this and> start making the most of my spare time, life is for living after all.

5.  And finally……….I am determined to make an effort to learn some Portuguese, my sisters husband> is from Portugal and> we visit the country a lot to see family.  I want to be able to communicate with them better and> not feel so guilty when I see their improvements in English year on year.

So that’s me and> my resolutions for 2013, I am hoping to continue with my blog and> make it more interesting for you guys, filling you in on my life and> putting my personal trainer skills to the test.  I hope you carry on reading throughout 2013.

Wishing you all the best for 2013.