The festive season is well and> truly upon us and> I am already starting to feel the effects. With lots of food, alcohol and> late nights it is difficult to stay healthy and> maintain an exercise programme but with some discipline and> willpower you can stay healthier and> go into the new year feeling great.

Here are some of my tips for a healthy Christmas:

1.  Keep exercising, there is no reason to stop hitting the gym or the pavements!  If you can keep up your full exercise routine then great but it is likely with all the parties and> family events exercise time may suffer.   Try and> stay active, if you don’t have time for the gym do a short in home workout, using tins from the cupboard or home weights, meet family members for a brisk walk rather than a drink, or if you are really struggling stick on some music and> have a dance around your house -anything is better than nothing so get moving.

2. Nutrition! It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet with all the party food, cakes and> chocolates flying around the home and> office.  Try and> eat healthily when you can and> be conscious of food choices before a major indulgence, limit portion sizes and> if you can it is a good idea eat a small healthy snack before going out to help reduce over eating.  All those small chocolates add up, so be careful!

3.  Alcohol – Too much alcohol will undo all your good work, should you overindulge it is likely your resistance will be weakened.  Not only will you rack up the calories with the alcohol you are more likely to indulge in the unhealthy food options on the night and> the following day when trying to reduce any hangover effects! The old tips are still the best, try and> drink less – alternate with a soft drink and> lower alcohol options are always the way forward.  Try lower calorie options, such as champagne (always good at this time of year) and> clear spirits with diet mixers, slimline tonic, diet coke etc.

At the end of the day it is Christmas so be realistic over this period and> enjoy yourself, here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas………..bring on 2013!!