Sorry I haven’t posted much recently, life has been pretty hectic, with holidays and> work! I have just about found the time to exercise but sadly not post, I will make sure I do more over the next few weeks!

So I will tell you where I am up too! My holiday wrecked my diet and> healthy living and> I have been struggling to get back on it ever since, BUT that is not going to be the case for much longer – the challenge is on!

I have 2 challenges I am getting involved with, first bootcamp with the girls from work and> second an inch loss challenge with the family!

I am signing up for 8 weeks of military style boot camp with my team, this leads me up to Christmas and> will hopefully boost my fitness! It is good to mix it up and> this I think certainly will! I will keep you up to date with how that goes, first one Wednesday!

The inch loss challenge with my family is mainly between my dad and> my sister, but I am going to try and> use my PT experience to help my sister and> I am going to get involved for fun! My waist is currently 29 inches, hoping to get down to 25 – I believe March is the end point with a mid point check Christmas Eve!

I will keep updating my blog with my progress and> hopefully I will reach my targets and> help my family reach theirs too!