As the new football season is due to start tomorrow I thought I would let you in to another side of my life….football!  I am a massive Stoke City fan, and> love watching football.  I am a season ticket holder and> have been for over 20 years, I have seen it all, relegation, promotion, play off drama but the way things are going at the moment is amazing, the stuff dreams are made of.

So what do I think the new season will bring for Stoke and> the rest of the Premier League?! I am predicting a mid table finish for Stoke, I know some people believe we might struggle after last season, but we had European football to contend with and> I think (am hoping) if we focus our attentions on the league we can really improve this season.

Moving on to the title, well it is hard to bet against Manchester City as they have the money and> the players to continue in the same way they have been doing, but sticking my neck out I think United will come back this season and> win it.  They haven’t made massive improvements to the squad (RVP being the top signing) but I think they can do it.  Relegation is a bit more of a difficult one as I think there are quite a few clubs who could struggle, Norwich, Swansea, Reading, West Ham, Southampton, Wigan to name a few, my 3 for the drop are going to be Swansea, Reading and> Norwich, so lets see how well I do!

Fingers crossed for my predictions and> I will finish with saying (shouting!)………

Come on Stoke!!