I have recently become interested in golf as a sport albeit I don’t watch much I have thought it might be good to take up as something to do and> a method of possible relaxation.    I mentioned this to my family and> for Christmas myself and> my boyfriend received some vouchers for 2 hours worth of tuition, we have finally taken it up and> I have to say I could get into it, Visor at the ready!!!

I have never hit a golf ball before, unless you count crazy golf which it turns out our instructor didn’t, however after a small bit of coaching on the correct grip and> stance, I had a go and> impressed myself with the power I could get behind my shots, they weren’t particularly straight but hopefully this will come with practice.

So it was enjoyable but would you call it exercise? Well yes I would, the day after my back, shoulders and> side muscles were aching and> if you play on a course a fair amount of walking is involved, so if you have ever been interested, I urge you to give it a try.

We have another lesson booked for 3 weeks (18 August) and> have been advised to go practice and> hit a few balls at the driving range, so heading out there this week, I will let you know how I get on and> how my golf progresses.