So I completed the Great Manchester Swim on Sunday, and> I have to say it was an amazing experience! It took me 43 minutes 46 seconds, which was incredible, I was expecting it to take me closer to an hour.

The event was really well run, water was warm and> I managed to get into my stride quickly and> completed 95% of the swim front crawl and> thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have really caught the swimming bug.

Open water swimming may not be for everyone but I would urge anyone interested in fitness and> possibly looking for a different form of exercise to take up swimming and> I mean properly, not the recreational sort of swimming I was doing before – you will love it and> reap the benefits!

So……………….what next, well I have no more events planned for the rest of this year YET, but who knows, possibly a triathlon in the not too distant future, but for the moment a holiday and> some fun exercise purely for my enjoyment!