So I have been practising my freestyle (front crawl) swimming technique and> have been using some technique drills to help me improve.  I am starting to get better with the breathing although I do still revert to my old ways when I am getting fatigued – this just needs practice.

I will share with you some of the technique drills I have been using.

Catch Up

When performing your stroke keep the other arm outstretched and> do not move it until the other arm has finished the stroke, make sure your thumbs touch before you begin the next stroke. This technique will help keep your body in a streamline position and> you will feel the importance of completing strokes properly and> not rushing through.


This involves swimming freestyle with your fists closed, this helps to understand> how much you rely on your palms when swimming, so this will help you to use your arm as well thus getting more power in your strokes.

Zip Up Thigh

This helps you to complete the stroke properly thus pulling you further along the water in one stroke, it involves an imaginary zip on the side of your thigh which you zip up with each stroke.

These are the 3 areas of my technique I am currently focusing on and> am improving, with just over 3 weeks to go however I am unsure how much I will improve and> whether the swim will mainly be done breaststroke as I am able to do this consistently.