So I am spending more and> more time in the pool training for the Great Manchester Swim on 1st July and> wanted to share with you the benefits of swimming.

I have always been a recreational swimmer, casually swimming a few lengths breast stroke so never fully bought into the claims about how good it is for you, however after a couple of weeks of full training I am starting to understand> the benefits and> am really enjoying improving my technique and> pushing myself.

Swimming is a great all body work out and> what is even better is there is less stress on your joints when swimming as the water provides buoyancy making it a perfect low impact form of exercise.  Swimming not only serves as an excellent cardiovascular work out, it helps tone as well, water provides extra resistance  so with each stroke you will be building lean muscles.

Why not try swimming as an addition to your workout, be careful when you start as it can be a shock to the system, correct breathing is essential and> start slowly as with any exercise and> build up the amount of time you spend in the pool.